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    I've been advised by Chris Knott about using a new banner and the following text:-

    When you go and compare the market online, are you still left confused as to what’s actually included and whether they’re quoting you the final price? Have they jacked up the excess to get the price down? Do you know what you’re signing up for?

    A simple alternative is to ask a specialist broker like Chris Knott Insurance for an instant, crystal-clear car insurance quote.

    As car club experts we have almost 30 years experience of looking after the needs of over 200 car clubs, their members and enthusiasts.

    You’ll get a better level of service with Chris Knott and everything can be explained in person.

    If it comes to a claim we can also call on the club for expert knowledge if we need to and this could result in an enhanced settlement – you won’t find that anywhere else!

    Our staff are not incentivised to sell volume. Instead we encourage them to offer you top-quality personal service, solid advice and all the ongoing support you need throughout your time with us. After all, your car is more important to you than the average driver - you want the care and attention your car deserves.

    Simply call FREE on
    0800 917 2274
    or 01424 200477 for mobiles
    and quote ref NMS – 880
    to access this club’s scheme

    We promise to put your needs first and we’ll work hard on your behalf to find the policy that is most suitable for your requirements; not necessarily the one that earns us the most commission. We want to treat you fairly – the same way we’d expect to be treated ourselves.

    To ensure that you get the best insurance service at a reasonable cost, call us FREE at renewal so our highly-trained insurance experts can offer you a quote.

    • Instant, crystal-clear quotes
    • Human contact & personal service
    • Independent, solid advice
    • Multi-policy discounts/loyalty rewards
    • Protecting your interests
    • All the ongoing support you need
    • Claims assistance
    • Accountable to your club
    • Highly-trained insurance experts

    To benefit, you should call FREE on
    0800 917 2274
    or 01424 200477 for mobiles
    Remember to quote ref NMS – 880
    and make the right choice for your car.

    Remember, we’re here for all your insurance needs. So, whether it’s a second car, home, travel, business or even charity insurance you need, Chris Knott Insurance is the right choice for you.

    The scheme covers most modifications (excluding nitrous, roll cages and bhp increases over 50bhp). All makes and models are considered eligible. Drivers must be aged over 22 and wanting Comprehensive cover. Drivers of performance vehicles must be aged 25 or over. All drivers must have held a licence for at least 1 year, have minimum 12 months’ experience of driving/insuring similar performance cars and have at least 1 year's NCB.Quotes subject to individual circumstances including restrictions on claims/convictions (no more than 1 SP/PC/PL conviction per driver) and not competitive for any M, L, OL & SK1-12 postcodes and Northern Ireland. Some postcodes require the car to be parked off the road overnight. We don’t guarantee to be the best for 100% of the membership.

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    Please remember to include Chris Knott in the mix when searching for a car insurance quote.

    For good drivers, we can often beat your best alternative quote when we know what it is - dis-regarding what the system says we should be quoting. That's because our insurer partners trust us and allow us to quote what we need to to get them good quality business.

    This year so far we're signing up even more forum members than last year so we must be doing something right!

    "Ian insured with Chris Knott a couple of weeks ago and reported the best deal he's ever had, thanks guys" said Alfanutz admin, Zender156.

    Call Chris Knotts and we'll find you the best deal based on your individual needs. Alternatively, you can complete brief details at and we'll call you back.

    High for the industry, 78% of Chris Knott's clients are renewing this year too, which means we are pretty consistent in our pricing - not looking to change the rate if the risk is the same as last year.

    It's true there have been a few comments regarding the length of time it takes for us to answer calls. But we're pleased to say that we've listened to feedback and have now made it easier for you to get through to the quoting team. They were previously handling other types of enquiry but we're now fielding those enquiries to a separate, dedicated team. You should notice a great improvement.

    Pick up the phone today if you're due in the next few weeks and see how much Chris Knott can save you.

    Chris Knott Insurance official forum insurance partner
    Please call 0800 917 2274 (or 01424 200477 - cheaper for mobiles)
    and QUOTE REF: 880-NMS
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