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    Hello all

    Iím curious to hear how others find the auto wiper function on the f56 MINIs. Mine is driving me crazy as it seems to be erratic. Either on full speed in light rain or not enough as much as a normal intermittent wiper in wet conditions. Iíve tried using the dial to adjust the sensitivity but it doesnít seem to make any difference?

    Iím wondering if mine is faulty or if itís a case of Ďthey all do that Sirí?

    If itís the later is it possible to downgrade to a non auto wiper stalk from a different model?

    Thank in advance


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    Seem to have a mind of their own ,so usually turn it on to auto then flick it on to wipe when needed
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    Absolute nightmare in my experience, end up having to do it yourself as they tend to do what they want which usually isn’t what you want them to do.
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    I don’t find mine too bad on my F60. Very occasionally they go manic for no reason but for the most part they work pretty well and I just need the odd flick wipe.
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    Thanks all for the replies! Sounds like my experiance is the norm so at least I know itís not broken Thatís something at least!

    Anyone know if the auto wipers are standard on f56s or if I can maybe get a non auto stalk to try?

    Thanks again


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