P0107 fault

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    Recently rebuilt the top end of my R53 S engine. Head gasket, Water pump, charger service, timing chain, etc etc.
    built back up and car throwing a P0107 - Manifold absolute pressure or barometric pressure circuit low input. Engine light and dsc light also illuminated.

    Checked all the vac lines etc, seem ok. No reading from MAP sensors on obd scanner, visually checked both TMAP and MAP sensors which seem ok. Tmap slightly dirty. Checked power to both sensors, also ok. Could one or both sensors be at fault? No problems before work carried out so very confused why one or both would have packed in. Anyone had similar issues?

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    Not had similar experiences but are connections clean and tight ? Try when running to see if there are air air leaks ,spray brake cleaner or similar when running and see if revs increase
    The cars in front are New MINI Scotland

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