Hi folks... another quick update to keep you all in the loop regarding future NMS runs and events.

As a moderation team we, like you, are itching to get back out in our MINIs. With the current relaxation of restrictions, it looks like this may be on the not-too-distant horizon.

Our planning, of course, must consider (to the best of our ability) all aspects of health and safety on runs, any legal restrictions and/or freedoms, and the demands which organised events may or may not lead to (both on participants and upon external individuals and services).

With the current relaxations there is freedom for individual travel and increasing scope for small, organised outings. The freedom to travel is now back in place however restrictions remain on social gatherings. As a group we are conscious that we could quickly meet and breach such restrictions.

We do, however, want to let you know that we are keeping a close watch and will be back to organising MINI Adventures as soon as possible.

Hopefully, it won't be too much longer!