Worth Upgrading Speakers on a R53 with HK?

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    As i'm sure I've mentioned before, i have a 2005 R53.

    It came from the factory with the HK system which I think is OK but not a great sounding as a aftermarket system i had in a previous R53 i had back in 2004.

    What i would like to know is would it be worth while upgrading the speakers in my car while still keeping the rest of the HK system, or should i look at other options along with the speaker upgrade? For instance, a aftermarket stereo with the HK enabler and keep the HK amp, or somehow bypass the HK amp and install the new speakers, aftermarket head unit and a 4 channel amp?

    I already have the speakers and a couple of Alpine 4 channel amps so i would really only need a more up to date head unit with Bluetooth and the like.

    I just don't know what the best option is as i'm not confident at all with messing about with the interior or wiring.

    What would you all say is the best option and have any of you done anything like it before?


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    Not something that a lot of people have tried ,don’t know if you can do the same on the R53 as you can with R56 channel swap which people have spoken highly of .
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    I think i'll just have to wait until a well know MINI audio specialist is back open and ask them what they think.

    I did think it would be a tough one for anyone to answer unless they had done it themselves.

    I'm thinking of more heading in the direction of just a new head unit with Car Play adapted to work with the HK system and MFSW.

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    I would just get a new system put in as the HK is good but there is better out there

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    That's what I've been told. Apparently i can pick the speaker cable up at the HK amp so not as much work as i first thought, but still more than i'm capable of!!

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