Tyre Pressure for 215/45/17 on a R53

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    Afternoon all,

    I hope everyone is keeping safe and well during the lock down.

    I've been keeping busy on the weekends by doing a couple of jobs that needed to be done on the R53.

    Anyway, the reason for my post was to find out what the correct pressure is for 215/45/17 tyres on a R53 is.

    The tyres are fitted to a 17" x 7.5" wheel and will be used on a daily basis once things are back to normal, so don't need any crazy track day pressures.

    If anyone could help, that would be fantastic.

    Stay Safe!!

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    I think OEM pressures for MINI are usually around 42-44PSI but we've always lowered ours to around 32PSI - it just makes for a more compliant ride and gives a bit more grip.
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    Tyre pressures do seems better high in the manual from mini I was shocked to see the figures for the F56 when I first got he car

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    I'm sure on my R53 there is a sticker in the drivers door/door close with tyre pressures.
    16" and 17" if i remember correctly. Sorry i can't be more helpful but the cars miles away at the moment.

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    Thanks for everyone's feedback. Although the sticker on the driver side door close didn't have the tyre size i was looking for, i just made a educated guess and all seems fine.
    I now just need good weather and things to return closer to normal to give them a really good test with some spirited driving.
    So far they feel incredible in the dry and no so good in the wet. Still better than expected.

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