Full Throttle Festival - 2nd August 2020

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    Just to clarify, I have no issue travelling up for a show. We really enjoyed making a little weekend of the MINI 60 Event at GMT. I'm more thinking of it from a wider perspective.

    The combination of the pricing, the lack of discount, and the travel time/arrival requirements might be too much for some people.
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    To me, yep. They're all inbred and play banjos

    I grew up in Ayrshire, before I get banned. And lived in Surrey for a bit

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    Feet were made to fit car pedals. If we were meant to walk, we'd have pogo sticks for legs

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    Having lived all over the country, it's a bit frustrating sometimes the central belt focus we have. Similar to englanders thinking the country stops at Watford... Gets a bit frustrating when we're expected to travel to (say) Stirling but then it's viewed as miles away when it's the other way round.

    Joking aside or rant mode off, NMS isn't bad for this - but the general population is.

    There's heaps of nice cars in the Aberdeen area - oil money sees to that. I've spoken to a few high-end dealers who say they sell more cars to Aberdeen than any other area of Scotland. Also lots of fab classics in the area

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    Feet were made to fit car pedals. If we were meant to walk, we'd have pogo sticks for legs

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    Would have liked to have gone to this as looks a great event. But unfortunately the cost and travel is too much for me .
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