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    Quote Originally Posted by Alasdair JCW View Post
    Hi Ally. Welcome to NMS.

    As Mark’s said we love our Clubman JCW. We’ve got two little dogs and a little person of our own and the new Clubman takes everything we need with ease.

    Our one (well it’s my wife’s actually) is a 2017 model with the 228bhp engine. If you’re looking at one of a similar age then I’d recommend a Cooper S clubman as, with the compulsory All4 which is fitted as standard to JCW models, you don’t really notice the extra power. In most situations a non-All4 Cooper S will be just as quick (if not faster). That having been said though, we still love our JCW Clubman.

    If you’re looking at a new car, MINI have just revised the JCW Clubman with the new 306bhp engine. According to those who have driven it this seems to be a very worthwhile upgrade over the older JCW engine.

    Thanks all for the welcome!

    Great advice - really helpful - I wasn't aware about the all4 in the later JCW - not really fussed for 4wd so will avoid that.

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    Just to clarify - the All4 is fitted as standard to all F54 JCW Clubbies. Not sure about the earlier R-series Clubman models.

    Unless you really want all the JCW kit I’d probably suggest going for a Cooper S Clubman without All4. It’s a great car though whichever model you go for.
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