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    Hi folks, it's been a while since we updated our guide to organising a MINI run.

    First of all - thanks for taking the time to plan/organise a run. MINI runs are a great way to share your MINI passion with others and can be huge fun for all involved! What’s the secret to a successful run? It’s simple - make the day as straight-forward and as enjoyable as possible for those taking part.

    For the most part, our runs have been organised in the past by our forum moderators (who are all volunteers). As you might expect - it's hard for a small team to have first-hand knowledge of every road in Scotland. Our runs therefore have typically been organised in areas that our run leaders are familiar with.

    You don't need to be a moderator to get involved though! If you have local knowledge of some great roads or locations in your particular area then we'd love for you to organise a run. If the thought of organising an event intimidates you then please don't worry - our experienced team of moderators are more than happy to help set things up.

    In addition, we've compiled a short list of tips. This advice is neither compulsory nor comprehensive but it should help if you're planning to organise an event.

    How to organise a MINI Run:

    1. Begin with a map and make a general plan. 

    - It often helps to start (and end) at a central location with nearby fuel, food and toilet facilities. Consider where you would like the run to go and whether additional stops may be required. Depending upon the distance and duration of the run, folks may need to stop for food, a toilet break or a rest period - it’s worth factoring these stops in.

    2. Whilst there’s no set distance, 100 miles or so makes for a great day out…

    ...particularly if there’s a few stops along the way. Bigger runs can still be fun but can also put some people off. Please also consider that participants may have already travelled a significant distance to attend the event. 

    3. Identify an ideal route. 

    - Single track roads can be fun but can also be challenging - a slow-moving vehicle may separate the group and oncoming traffic may be difficult to pass. Likewise, congested roads and busy (or particularly complex) junctions should be avoided. 

A good mixture of roads should allow for safe and enjoyable progress.

    4. Plan for separations.


- It often happens that participants get separated from the rest of the group or from the run leader.

    - One solution is to identify safe locations for everyone to re-group along. These locations should be able to safely accommodate the total number of cars taking part and should not obstruct the public highway. 

    - A second solution is to provide clear run notes and contact information. That way, separated participants can remain in contact with the run leader. 

    5. Prepare clear and helpful run notes. 

    - It always helps to travel the proposed route in advance, making note of any potential hazards that participants should be aware of. 

Clear and concise run notes should be prepared and provided in advance. It also helps to bring a few printed copies on the day.

    - Run notes should be clear and contain important information such as mileage between each turn/ change of direction, significant land marks, and road names/numbers. 

(If you have any difficulties uploading run notes then please contact one of our forum moderators - we’re always happy to help!)

    6. Establish run parameters.


- Communicate clearly at the outset that all run participants are expected to drive in a legal, safe and courteous manner. Reckless or dangerous behaviour is not acceptable and any offending participants should be asked to leave the event. 

    - Allow people to drive at their own pace (and factor this into your own driving style). As already mentioned, a successful run is one that everyone enjoys. If one or two participants are struggling to keep up then it’s better to slow the overall pace. 

    7. Be organised.


Organisers should arrive at the designated start point around 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Some participants (particularly new ones) may arrive early and it always helps to have someone there to welcome you. 

    - Arrange for helpers to assist you on the day. A back-marker will help ensure that participants do not get lost and with larger groups it may help to have additional leaders staggered throughout the convoy. 

    - Also, remind participants to reset their trip-counter before the run begins.

    8. Make sure people can reach you.

    - It always helps to provide a contact number in case of separation or emergency.

    - Sometimes, our MINI adventures can take us into remote regions. If you are using radio-communications, ensure that people know which channels to use. 

    9. Be prepared for feedback.

    - Be prepared on the day for both negative and positive feedback - even if everything goes to plan. What one person enjoys may not be what another person enjoys. Please don’t be offended - instead use this feedback to plan an even better event for the next time.

    And finally…

    10. Have fun!

    - Organising a MINI run will take time and cost money but it should also be rewarding! Make sure to enjoy the event yourself and enjoy leading your fellow MINI owners on an exciting MINI adventure.

    As already mentioned this list is neither compulsory nor comprehensive. We do hope though that it helps you organise an exciting MINI run for your fellow MINI owners. If you need a hand with anything, our moderator team is ready and willing to help out.

    Finally, we've uploaded an example set of run notes as a PDF file below. Please feel free to use these as a template if it is of help.

    Example Run Notes: Run
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