Hi everyone,

From Lagos - Nigeria, I love mini cooper, so imported a 2015 mini cooper s, got the car 1 week ago, is 15k mils, the only issue with the car was that, it was hit on the passenger tire part, so it as suspension issue and the lower arm bend, so took to a local service center and they said, they will just straight it, no need of changing it, and after it was straight, it was driving well and smooth.

But after some long-distance move, notice a major issue, anytime I change the gear, idea front or back, the car has a bit of shake and jacks, this still continues still now, so want to know, your suggestion on this, because no mini cooper service center here, so don't have any professional that can help, need your professional advice.

Do you think a new lower arm should be replaced or do you think maybe is the gear oil or what do you think should be changed or check?

Kindly give your advicem Thanks