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Thread: Cooper S Front Disc and Pads Uprade

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    Default Cooper S Front Disc and Pads Uprade

    My own experience with them are that they are more than capable on any run no matter how hard I’ve pushed them.
    All of my comments and thoughts are from my own real world experiences and not what I’ve just read on the internet.
    Over the years I’ve read loads of comments and reviews on various car parts and most of them boil down to the fact that some folks will just slag stuff off if it’s not the most expensive on the market and a lot of them have never even used the product they are moaning about.
    The only way that I can even begin to imagine that the M-Tecs would fail is if they were used by someone who hammered their brakes too much in a car that was way too powerful for their limited driving skills.

    Each to their own though...

    Sent from Yorkshire wi an hint o’ sarcasm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CiderFex View Post
    The only way that I can even begin to imagine that the M-Tecs would fail is if they were used by someone who hammered their brakes too much in a car that is way too powerful for their limited driving skills.

    Each to their own though...

    Sent from Yorkshire wi an hint o’ sarcasm.

    Well considering you dont track your car i would be very surprised if you knacked a set of disks and pads on a run if you did you would be driving like a loony and pitting your self and other in danger IMO

    I have warped a set of mtec disks and also had blur smoke coming from the pads on track but never crashed out on track.

    Yes i push hard on track that what track driving is about and it not just the internet it well know perfomance garge that have told me this info as my own experiences.

    I have driven and owned cars that have 2 or even 3 times the power of the mini so am more than capable of a mini with 230bhp my S4 had over 400bh and my dads RS6 have more than 650bhp and i took that out on track and guess what it never left the track once.

    When i need to change my disks and pads again i will be going

    Brombo perfomance disks and cobratec XP8 pads.

    I know how to drive and drive fast i also know i have way more track time under my belt (some with instruction from race drivers) than a lot of people.... sk think im in a pretty good place to comment on my findings.

    The last time i was put in the r53 at Cadwell park i was running Brembo diskes and mintex 1144 pads and did not have any brake fade when i ran the mtec and mintex pad set on my clubman they sufferd from brake fade quite badly.

    So this is my REAL LIFE finding and not something I have read

    And yes the brakes did get hammered but when doing 90+ heading towards a hairpin you kind of need to brake hard ........

    Can i ask what your fining are on track Pete ........

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    Default Cooper S Front Disc and Pads Uprade

    Quote Originally Posted by stoney View Post

    Can i ask what your fining are on track Pete ........

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    Why ask about my findings are on track ?
    That’s a completely irrelevant question in regard to the original question asked by the O.P.
    Why does everything have to revolve around track use ?
    Most people never use their cars on a track !!!
    I’ve never used them on a track, as you well know, and I didn’t realise that this was originally posted as a “track use only” question ?
    I have no interest in track driving because I enjoy driving on normal roads way too much and I personally would rather spend my spare money on petrol to just meet up with friends and family for great days/nights out instead of just driving around in circles.

    May I just apologise personally to the OP regarding the above few posts.
    I put my thoughts and experiences into the pot and did not expect it to turn into a “willy battle in the shower” type scenario...

    Sent from Yorkshire wi an hint o’ sarcasm.

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    On another note I have Brembo discs with the mintex pads on the rear. Can’t comment on their braking ability as the rear does very little but are like all Brembo products are and are a quality product. You will always find that people have a a difference in opinion on what works for them. I have used the Mtec discs on the front and they do the job and do stop the car quickly and efficiently enough for me to be happy with them for how they are used on the road. For a track based braking set up this may be different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Macooper View Post
    What are peoples opinions on the following front brake disc/pads combination?

    MTEC1555 Dimpled and Grooved, protective coating with Yellow stuff pads £212.22 or EBC Slotted and Dimpled with Yellow stuff pads kit £226.21

    Any recommendations on stainless steel brake hoses?

    Much appreciated
    We've used the OEM JCW dimpled and grooved discs with OEM pads for a number of years without issue, both on and off track. They're not the cheapest options out there but we've certainly had no issue with the dimpled and grooved discs cracking or warping, even with hard track use.

    EDIT: Just to add that we've used the above discs and pads on both our JCW and Cooper S models. The JCW cars obviously come with a bigger brake set up from the factory and all of our cars have also come with the OEM brake ducts which feed cold air to the brakes through the front bumper.
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    Are Brembo's not about 3 times the price of Mtec....??
    For "normal" road driving you'll have no issues with the Mtec/Mintex combo IMHO. If you have the budget by all means go for the Brembos as they are a quality product.
    Brakes, like tyres, are always a subject open for (heated) debate and a lot of it does come down to personal experience
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    im using mtec dimpled and groved disks all round with bluestuff pads ,they have been on the car for over 6 months with a few spirited drives and no problems with cracking warping or even fading , i dont do track days so cant comment on their suitability for track

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