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Thread: Guy Martin - World's Fastest Van.

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    Top Gear is just getting far too Pop-Factor like in terms of being a mile wide but inch deep with the content - it's getting worse and worse as the BBC flog a dead horse. I like Chris Harris, love his YouTube videos as he's a genuine car guy, running an E28 M5 for example - it's not about the newest and shiniest for him. But I feel for him with TG now, as he's the only genuine car guy there.

    What people forget is that Clarkson etc were journalists first, TV folk second - that's the difference, it gives an underpinning beneath the TV gloss surface. Harris is the same.

    Guy Martin is far too genuine, unscripted, and not OTT enough for the way the BBC want Top Gear to be.

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    Big fan of Guy and all his programmes. Was a tad disappointed when he made the Tranny mid-engine...….not really a "Tranny" in my book. Wish he had achieved what he did with a front engine.
    And I know a lot about "Tranny's"

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    Knew I had a pic somewhere, this was the opening day of the 2017 season, that's his first car next to it. Imagine being able to buy/keep your first car

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    Great picture

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