Bilt Hamber Auto Wheels.

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    I use the stuff from Infinity Wax, liquid Fire,never used stuff like it for cleaning wheels before even had a sponge or brush on them. Used to use Red 7 from Autosmart which is great but this stuff beats that into second place.
    Also their citrus pre wash is fantastic as a pre wash even better than any snow foam, removes a load of dirt and also any dead insects without having to rub them off, I use it every time and is great value as cuts down with a 10:1 ratio

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    Its purple rain I use on the wheels....good stuff but smells a bit iffy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Gordy View Post
    Its purple rain I use on the wheels....good stuff but smells a bit iffy
    I’ve used that in the past but personally find the BH to be much better.

    Sent from Yorkshire wi a hint o’ sarcasm.

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