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    Default Sticky Bonnet

    R55 Clubman with a sticky bonnet, lever pulls but is quite stiff and nothing happens. Don't want to force it any further. Is my best bet to get a willing helper to wiggle bonnet at the same time? Or go straight to large hammer and grinder?

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    my F56 lever was very tight so I doused linkages with bike chain oil in engine bay, thought that would cure it

    then yesterday I couldn't open it at all, had to force bonnet down a bit further to allow lever to release again

    see if that helps you open it

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    Check the handle cable hasn' slipped out the pull bracket. Not a couple of these.. solved but oil in the catch which holds it down as the salt from the roads gets in there and causes massive issues seizing the release......

    But you will need in there to find out...
    Good luck...

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