Wheel Cleaner Recommendations pls?!

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    Hi, what are folk using for cleaning their alloys with please?!
    I've just finished this stuff from Chemical Guys, wondered whether there was anything different/better Etc?

    It was good, you dilute it, so goes a long way, but wasn't desperately cheap.

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    Smart Wheels for general cleaning, and Iron-X or equivalent every so often to clean iron deposits. Carpro Trix does tar and iron in the one product

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    TBH it's one of the things I very rarely use probably because I clean the wheels more than most. However, I've been using Autosmart's red seven recently and found it to be very good on stubborn marks and wheels that have needed a good clean. It's a wheel cleaner come fall out remover and PH neutral (so it says) and it's good value for money ... apart from the fact you've to buy it in 5 litre cartons. I've used Car Pro Iron X in the past and it's certainly one that'll shift anything if you stand the smell.
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    Thanks for your recommendations n comments, chaps!
    Looks like I've gotta give something else a go, maybe the Red 7, just had a look and I've got a 5L of the Tardis in the garage, does work well!

    Think I may actually have some of the -X iron remover too, or something similar that I also bought from Chem Guys!

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    T tbh your wheels aren't that bad that you'll need anything strong although it's good to have as a "back up". If you don't want to buy 5lts I could try and get some down to you or if you can wait I'll give you some when I see you next.
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    I must admit I've been using wonder wheels from Halfrauds for years, tried a few but it always comes out on top for me.

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    Wonder wheels is very very strong I never used it without highly diluting it. Always a bit worrying when the bottles says to seek immediate medical attention if it goes in your eyes or mouth. I use Am detail wheel cleaner has a nice citrus scent and suds up a lot

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    Wouldn't really call it a top tip, but I'd recommend not drinking, or using most cleaning products as an eyewash ;-)

    I use it very sparingly when the wheels are really ****ty e.g. after a Eurohoon or trip to the Nordschleife when the dust build up is hooj.

    Always used with an agitating brush and never leave it on for more than 5 mins, but I've seen it cut through crud that most others wont touch.

    Smells like eggy tramp piss though ;-)

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    For years I've loved the Turtlewax Ice Cleaner (rate that as you will). When it stopped being sold I bought one of every wheel cleaner in Halfords to try and find a suitable replacement. For me a good wheel cleaner is one I can spray on, agitate with a brush and then rinse off to leave the wheel nice and clean. I'm not overly fussed about the product being too strong as I never leave it to dry so there's minimal risk of the product harming my wheels. Below is the order I'd put the various products I used with the best ones being at the top:

    - TurtleWax Redline Wheel Cleaner ( I suspect this is the Ice Cleaner now rebranded.)
    - Meguiar's Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner (works just as well as the TurtleWax Ice Wheel Cleaner but knocked to second place because it's more expensive.)
    - Wonder Wheels Colour Active Super Wheel Cleaner (works almost as well as the Meguiar's and is less than half the price so probably deserves to be second.)
    - Wonder Wheels Original Wheel Cleaner (hmm... probably works as well as the Colour Active Cleaner but doesn't change purple so not as cool.)

    The next two I really didn't rate at all. In fact after testing them I had to re-spray the wheel with one of those above to shift the remaining dirt. It would probably be more effective to politely ask the dirt to remove itself rather than buying and applying these two:

    - Autoglym Clean Wheels
    - Meguiar's Mirror Bright Wheel Cleaner

    Others may rank these products differently as we all have different priorities/ techniques for cleaning our wheels. This is simply a list of how the products worked for me.

    *One point I would add is that the Wonder Wheels Bottles have the best spray nozzle so it's worth getting a bottle of their product and using it even if you end up filling it with another product. I've currently got a bottle of the Wonder Wheels filled up with the remains of my TurtleWax Ice Cleaner.

    Hope this helps.
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    Bilt Hamber wheel cleaner - it's top quality stuff I wouldn't use anything else since first trying it
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