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    what an amazing race one of the best ive seen in a few decades

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    Is this the first race this season where the first driver to take the first corner hasn't won?
    cars, cars, cars

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    About time too....was getting a little boring to say the least....

    Time to shake up f1 again..... some proper rules and sticking to a budget that's the same for all......

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    This is the first year since '76 that I'm just not bothered about F1.
    I'll watch it if I've nothing else to do, I did watch it yesterday though, and it confirmed my view that I've had for years....
    Street circuits have no place in F1.
    I'm sick of hearing "there's hardly any overtaking opportunities on this track".
    What is the point of them then ?
    Monte Carlo, Monza, Sotchi, Singapore and Baku should be wiped off the F1 calendar forever.
    I don't care about the history of Monte Carlo and Monza, the tracks are, and have always been, crap.
    Every part of a track should be wide enough to take 4 cars side by side with loads of room to spare in my opinion.
    On the plus side, at least Social Media Boy didn't win yesterday.

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    Mark Johnston
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    I've never been the biggest fan of f1 and I've been totally uninterested since about 2009 but yesterdays race was something else with all the contact it was like a race 3 in the btcc. First time I've watched a race start to finish since Canada 2011

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