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    So, two years after I posted about replacing the timing chain on my mcs, I finally got around to actually doing it!

    Not an easy job, and not finished yet, by a long way, but the new chain is fitted and the engine appears to be timed correctly. Havenít managed to run it yet, as the friction wheel that drives the water pump is broken and Iím waiting on a new one arriving. Hopefully get it running next weekend.

    Timing chain looking rather loose.

    Camshaft locks installed.

    New chain fitted.

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    Have you seen the latest edition of Savage Garage on Youtube, there were replacing the head gasket and were talking about the timing chain, very intresting to watch.

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    I havenít, but Iíll have a look for it. Iíve watched loads of YouTube content about timing chains trying to prepare myself for doing this job. (Iím not a mechanic, and Iíve never changed a timing chain before...scary as the potential for real damage is high if I get it wrong.)



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