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    Quote Originally Posted by MINI William View Post
    Right time to revive this. Can all who attended the SCS please vote for their car of the day on the club stand please.
    This is the hardest one yet! But it has to be 'Redward' after the amount of miles it done to get here it was still immaculate.

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    It would have to be the beast. I'm in love with that car

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    I might not be allowed to vote but if I was it would be the Dark Silver CraigR53, it looked superb

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    This is a tough one, normally there is one stand out car but I've narrowed it to 3:

    - Davy, car looked great with it's new additions and was it's usually spotless self
    - Cat, the paint job is brilliant and its clear to see the amount of work thats gone into it
    - Pete, driving all the way to join us on the stand and still having a stunning looking car

    Made my mind up, my vote goes to..... Cat
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    ^ that was the 3 I was struggling with too

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    I'm struggling between Davy's S and Mac.
    I'll have to go with Mac though because every time I saw the paint glinting on the roof it put a huge smile on my face.
    Sorry Davy, but I know that you will feel as much pride about Mac as Cat does.

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    Well I have to give my vote to Mac (Cat's mini )xx

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    Between three at the minute but I think I'll go for Davy's motor, great to finally see the GP! Oh wait...

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    Well it was a difficult choice through the same reasons that everyone has mentioned that's for sure. All the cars looked good but for me I'd choose MAC too.
    Hope that's not being to biased or against the rules but it did generate a lot of looks, chat and photos throughout the whole day.
    1499 looked the best I've seen it and a total credit to Pete and his dedication as always.
    Christina's JCW Countryman was the other of my personal choices I know we added it to the stand late on but I love the car and it's not always given the credit it deserves. Just a pity it didn't get the same attention the other cars did on Saturday !
    Cheers for the vote Craig the wee buggy does bring a smile to my face every time I go near it ... now to get the bumpers back on the GP for MITP :):)
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    Apologies for going slightly off topic but here goes:
    The quality of every single car on the NMS stands is beyond reproach and is a nigh on impossible task to pick out which one is the best looking and condition.
    After reading the various comments already posted I'm humbled and over The Moon about the comments about 1499.
    After seeing every single car at MMM on the NMS stand looking spotless I put more effort into cleaning than I have ever done before to make sure that it was worthy of a place on my first NMS stand.
    You should all hold your heads high for the effort that you all put in.
    I'm so glad that Redward passed the scrutiny of a very knowledgeable group of OCD-ers.

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