Mini ONE V's Fiat 500

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    Mini ONE V's Fiat 500

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    The only thing that Fiats are quick at is rusting :0

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    quite clearly not tryin lol
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    Thats pointless. The mini is 5bhp down and 205kg heavier.

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    Saw that a couple of months ago, what they didnt show was that the Fiat lost 4 grand of value after the race and a wing mirror

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    I like the 500.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkimagic View Post
    Thats pointless. The mini is 5bhp down and 205kg heavier.
    There had been some ramblings about the 500 in earlier posts, so, i thought i would show 5th Gears take on it, not sure what it would do against the Cooper or indeed the S.

    It was also to show you folks that you can embed YouTube movies into your posts........but no one noticed that
    If adding a movie, select the red Tube icon above the message box and copy the letters and numbers from the the youtube movie you want to show into the text box.

    Note, this only works with the letters and number from the url address and ONLY the info supplied after the v= :)

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    Great news on the embedding!

    I've seen a few 500's on the road now, I think they look great. Still not a practical car though, the Mini looks more substantial and sounds better.

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    The Dogfather
    The sloping back on the 500 means it's not a practical by any means, its even worse than the MINI. I can't believe the rusting comments, I can't remember seeing a rusting Fiat in the last 10 years. I can't say the same for BMW.

    I wonder whether the 5 year warranty currently being given on the Brava will spread throughout the Fiat range? If it does, that and the trendiness of the 500 should see it challenge the MINIs hold on the premium small car market.

    I'm waiting to see how good the Abarth version will be.

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